Understanding Spirituality

Who Needs A Spiritual Teacher?

There are several queries on whether it is important to have a spiritual teacher. Most things have two sides and on this one also it depends on if it is a good choice.

Any type of teacher was once also seeking knowledge only that they decided to take it further and learn how to teach. This is because they know the roadblocks and pitfalls and should help in having the path less painful and easier.

A teacher can mirror things for you things in a way that you never thought. This will include self-honesty that is not easy to come by on the first sessions of a spiritual path. We are always in denial and nobody wants to go through pain despite the fact that we are subconsciously doing it. Therefore a teacher is more responsive and is able to scrutinize the egoic and mental approaches that we are keen to justify as well as defend.

You are able to open your heart and mind from the safe and supportive setting that a spiritual teacher provides. You are manipulated with information neither is anything that is painful or against used by a good teacher. There is no difference with when you visit a doctor and what you share remains in the treatment room.

It is advisable however to be careful not to lean so much on your spiritual teacher such that you feel like you will not succeed without them. That could present itself as self inadequacy. You are expected to follow the Chinese saying that the role of a teacher is open the door and yours is to go in alone.

A well known spiritual teacher is Michael Mirdad who is mystic, an author, and also a healer. Michael Mirdad has authored several books with his 35 years experience as an instinctive healer. Workshops on healing, relationships, spirituality, have been held all over the world with the help of Michael Mirdad. He carries the titles of a healer’s healer or a teacher’s teacher.

He is able to teach you on total love using actions and not words. A spiritual teacher assures you on your journey if you are giving up and you get a lot of encouragement. In case you feel discouraged and like you are on a dark path alone you get encouragement from a spiritual teacher. You will see life as if you are in heaven through the eyes of your spiritual teacher. It does not matter who you are, your spiritual leader treats you until you are able to express yourself.

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