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How You Can Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Are you out to have whiter teeth but can’t afford the bill that will come with seeking the services of a professional whitening procedure? If you are worried about your yellow teeth, here are several solutions which are cheaper than seeking a dentist. At all times, keeping your teeth white provides you a boost in confidence, shows that you are in good health and helps you make good first impression. You can apply the following procedures to effectively and efficiently whiten your teeth.

Use of activated charcoal which is porous and thus absorbs outside materials is one of the methods. The activated charcoal also absorbs the stains on your teeth, and it doesn’t hurt your enamel. Another benefit is that it doesn’t make your teeth sensitive and thus can be used in daily basis and one can use it in paste or gel form as well as in capsules and vitamins.

Food also works, apart from charcoal, and strawberries, in particular, whiten your teeth as they contain malic acid. Malic acid has proved to be effective in removing any tough stains while they also do not hurt your enamel.

Onions are also an effective an effective option when one seeks to whiten your teeth as they have compounds which help prevent teeth decay. Onions usually, contain sulfur which serves to get rid of harmful bacteria, but one needs to use raw onions rather than cooked onions to benefit from them.

Whitening strip and pastes are also used commonly, and one can obtain them from the stores. The whitening strips and paste may be useful, but they will cause teeth sensitivity when you use them often.

Another option, which sounds contradictory, is the use of dark chocolate to whiten your teeth. Chocolate works to protect teeth from decay and also helps one maintain solid, healthy gums but one needs to ensure they keep brushing their teeth.

The use of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda is one of the oldest method used to whiten teeth. You may not enjoy the taste that will come with the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mixture, but the results will be helpful considering that you will effectively get rid of harmful bacteria.

Individuals who seek to turn their yellow teeth to whiten can also rely on lime, orange or lemon peels which contain an acid that is capable of getting rid of any destructive bacteria that affects your enamel.

You can also bank on apple cider vinegar which has antibacterial properties and thus promotes the growth of good bacteria while helping get rid of harmful bacteria. Coconut oil and fish are other useful options as they help whiten teeth at home by reducing the risk of gum disease.